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LBIC is a consulting firm committed to improving practice and the delivery by outcome-driven services of providers who serve children, youth, families, individuals and communities

LBIC has consultants with a variety of expertise and numerous years of experience in several systems and program areas.

Our consultants are located with most regions throughout the United States

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LBIC provides consultation services and trainings across a multitude of service and program areas.

Additionally, LBIC develops and designs training curricula and resource guides, books and materials. LBIC clients consist of child welfare agencies, mental health agencies, educational institutions, juvenile justice facilities, non- and for-profit agencies, universities, national organizations, advocacy agencies and local, state and federal governmental agencies.


Words from satisfied clients

  • Beverly Hammonds-Bolds
    Mr. Lloyd Bullard has provided me with consultation in the following areas for over ten years; Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS), the writing and development of treatment goals, behavior management and cultural diversity. His level of expertise, knowledge and skills is extensive and has had a great bearing on the quality of services that I have been able to provide as a School Counselor and Psychologist to students and their parents. Consulting with him and reading his numerous publications have had a positive impact on my ability to successfully assist students and their parents. He is extremely passionate about helping children and families achieve a better live. Mr. Bullard is always willing to provide technical assistance without the need to bill me for his time. I am certainly pleased to know that he is always just an email or phone call away. We need more professional consultants like Mr. Bullard. I have and will continue to recommend him to others in the school and child welfare systems. Mr. Bullard is definitely an “expert” and an “asset”.  
    Beverly Hammonds-Bolds
    SSP School Psychologist Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • Dr. Raquel Hatter
    Mr. Bullard worked with the Tennessee Department of Human Services to develop the Human Trafficking Services Coordination and Service Delivery Plan of 2013. His expertise helped to guide the process of plan development through a variety of methods including large strategy sessions, extensive research and survey administration/analyses. His collaborative and practical approach led to a very dynamic group of participatory stakeholders, including service providers, law enforcement, human trafficking survivors and national agencies. Through the establishment of this plan, Tennesseans now have a preliminary groundwork for addressing the issue of human trafficking through education, awareness, and coordinated service delivery. LBIC Consulting Services, Inc. (LBIC) helped to make this a reality, and we look forward to the positive impacts of this foundational plan. In Service to Others,  
    Dr. Raquel Hatter
    Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Human Services
  • Molly B. Grove
    Dear Lloyd Bullard: On behalf of the entire Education Session Committee for Leadership Prince William, I would like to express my sincere thank you for your expertise in your presentation to the inaugural leadership class on Thursday January 17th. You were able to show the reality of the hot issues facing education today and built the enthusiasm in the class to become advocates on educations behalf in our local region. You had an immense impact on these up and coming business leaders in the community. We were honored to have you accept our invitation to participate in this inaugural class program. We recognize the importance of public and private education in this community and realize the successes in the future will happen through continued collaborations and commitment of partnerships between the business community and the education organizations in this region. Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of our local leaders. Sincerely
    Molly B. Grove
    Education Session Chair


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